Animal Electronics

Animal electonics include applications where an animal, large or small, wild or domestic, is equipped with an electronic device for the purpose of monitoring and/or recording behaviour, tracking movements, “improving performance”, or changing local environmental conditions. It can represent a uniquely challenging application.

Such applications are unusual in that the animal - the direct user - is usually not cognizant of the product and has no regard for it, and sometimes finds its presence very irritating. So, the product suffers from the added challenge of being potentially subjected to very rough handling. If the animal is normally placed out in the open, there are also the challenges of the elements to deal with, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On top of that, for animals that are left out in the open, there is the issue or managing the local power supply, meaning that some technology choices are limited.

mSemicon has plenty of experience in this field, and would welcome enquiries regarding new applications.