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Autumn 2015: mSemicon adds three more engineers to staff

Summer 2015: Yet another IoT project for mSemicon

Spring 2015: Another agritech R&D project underway

Winter 2014: mSemicon adds three more products to IoT suite.

Autumn 2014: mSemicon starts to supply reshored product to Irish client > Made in Ireland

Summer 2014: mSemicon secures new German client.

Spring 2014: mSemicon secures contract for development of consumer product containing touch screen full colour display

Autumn 2013: mSemicon first to develop custom low power RF communications board.

Summer 2013: mSemicon develops hi-tech sensing product for ESA funded university research application

Spring 2013: mSemicon spearheads innovation in medical therapeutic bed application

Winter 2012: mSemicon develops two new mechanical assemblies for equine application

Autumn 2012: mSemicon completes design and delivers production of innovative device for the worldwide equine industry

Summer 2012: mSemicon turns mechanical tool around in just five weeks. Ready for production

Spring 2012: mSemicon completes development of electronic audio device for special care market

Winter 2011: mSemicon develops innovative inverter core module for a high voltage very high frequency electroluminescent solution

Autumn 2011: mSemicon develops major DALI based lighting control solution for deployment at major OEM

Winter 2010: mSemicon presents 72 Lumen/Watt retrofit 7W bulb for outdoor use

Summer 2010: mSemicon develops very innovative LED-based CE-marked illumination solution