Development Projects


mSemicon has developed several custom antenna switching circuits, mobile phone accessories and other communication circuits, such as the one featured below.

Tracking Devices

Tracking devices used in a wide variety of applications. They could be used to track people, goods, assets, anything that moves, even only briefly. They are normally based on GSM/GPS technology. mSemicon has developed a number of such devices over the years. The cost of this technology is falling all the time.

One issue to always bear in mind is the availability of power to operate these devices. Although they generally only transmit data, and only briefly, battery power is always limited.

This technology is limited by application only where there is a reliable GSM signal, which can rule out the depths of buildings and transport containers.

USB to RS-485 isolating converter

  • Converts USB to RS-485
  • Operates to 250kbit/sec (115k/sec with Windows)
  • Isolates to 1kV
  • Available in protective plastic housing

LORA-based communication device

Another very low power technology, that also allows for triangulation of the communication signal (and therefore location identification) is called LORA. mSemicon is currently deploying this in several products.

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