Development Projects

Mechanical Devices

Electronic devices are rarely, if ever, used on their own. They are normally placed in housings, for example, and they often control devices such as relays, valves, motors, and more. They also take inputs from sensors which themselves often need to be placed into mechanical housings. So, mechanical engineering typically plays and important complementary and even dominant role in the design and development of some products.

mSemicon often specifies and develops mechanical objects that form part of a wider system that also includes electronics. Below are some examples of our design work:

Air Valve

This is a device that controls the flow of three separate air channels for use on a medical device.

New Latching Valve

On account of the particular issues regarding battery operated devices, the company has developed its own low cost latching air valve.

Light Bulb Housing

mSemicon has developed a LED based light for use in external lighting applications. This involved the design of a housing.

Blower Impeller

mSemicon has developed a high speed blower, which involved the development not only of the housing, in aluminium and plastic, with an innovative integral bypass cooling system, but also of an impeller.

3D Printing

The availability of 3D printers greatly facilitates and complements the design process.