Development Projects


Few applications are beyond the scope of mSemicon. The company gladly explores new arenas of operation, even applications that do not already exist. Here is a sampling of some products mSemicon has developed:


mSemicon has designed a key component involved in the measurement of energy consumption for a heatpump application, i.e. an application-specific kWh meter intended to give the user a reliable and direct indication of energy used of a specific interval.

Sports Electronics

mSemicon has developed an electronic subassembly supplier to an international OEM catering to the amateur sportsman.

Message Minder

mSemicon has developed a device that serves as a message minder, and which is activated by a number of difference environmental conditions, including presence (PIR) and movement (vibration).

Battery Operated Products

Many applications require the use of batteries, either primary or rechargeable. This requires particular attention in design, especially with regard to power management.

Please contact mSemicon with your specific requirements.