Compliance Testing

Functional Testing

All products undergo a rigorous and comprehensive functional testing process during the design and development phase, as well as a formal test procedure during the production phase. This guarantees that the functional specifications are met, and that the product is ready for its application.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electronic circuits are both sensitive to electrical interference (“susceptibility”), and can in their own right cause interference (“emissions”). There are regulations that apply to both these cases, generally known as EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) regulations. mSemicon regularly subjects electronic circuits under development to pre-compliance testing, including Susceptibility EMC tests such as ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), Electrical Fast Transient Burst (EFT), High Voltage Impulse, and Emissions EMC tests such as Radio Interference (EMI/RFI), and Current Harmonic Levels (EN61000).


Electronic circuits are often critical elements in larger systems, sometimes controlling very important parameters or devices. These systems need to be safe, even in case of failure, something that is covered under numerous standards such as EN60335. In such cases, mSemicon performs a thorough safety analysis during development aimed at identifying and eliminating such possibilities.

Products under development are also tested against the requirements of other product and industry standards, as needed.