Patenting a product can be very worthwhile for a variety of reasons. mSemicon can support a patent filing if one has not already been made. mSemicon personnel have extensive experience in patenting product ideas and can assist in preparing documentation and product samples for application, when required.

If patent filing is planned, it is important and helpful to have a working product ready, it is therefore important to start and finish development as soon as possible.

Sometimes, mSemicon’s questions or suggestions can reinforce patent applications.

As is the case with all projects, mSemicon respects the confidentiality of clients and their intellectual property.

Since the patenting process can be expensive and more so as time advances, it can sometimes be beneficial to delay making a filing until greater certainty regarding the concept to be patented exists. In this case, the client should disclose the concept under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (i.e. confidentiality agreement).