Following on from the company’s pioneering work in the area of quiet motion control, mSemicon has developed very significant knowhow in the area of digital audio processing. The company has developed several high specification custom audio processing boards, for use with PC-based applications.

24-bit Dynamic Range

These 24-bit low power custom boards boast extremely high signal-to-noise performance as well as very low harmonic distortion. The highest level of sound reproduction is achieved by the judicious use of the latest available analogue and digital audio components, including amplifiers and DSPs.

mSemicon is a subassembly supplier to a technology leader in the area of audio devices.

Polyphonic Sound Reproduction

With the widespread adoption of smart phones, which have vastly enhanced audiovisual interfaces when compared to their predecessors, there is a greater availability of low cost high quality audio solutions. This has meant that a traditional product whose audio output might have been limited to a simple beep, or a number of beeps, can now be enhanced to offer a more friendly, polyphonic, multilingual user experience.