Green Technology

Green Technologies — Wind and Sun

mSemicon is actively engaged in research related to methods of harnessing and using power derived from renewable sources, such as the wind and the sun. The company is concentrating on applications that are compatible with the power levels normally encountered within the home.

The company’s motion control and power electronics technologies are particularly relevant in this area. Inverters play in an integral role in windmills for example, as they do in solar energy conversion.

Grid connection poses a particular challenge, especially on account of regulatory requirements.


mSemicon’s commitment to the environment extends beyond advanced motion control technology. The company has also developed a number of custom electronic solutions intended to monitor processes in the environment.

Successful monitoring of the environment is largely dependent on the existence and availability of reliable cost effective sensors. Whether it is temperature, pressure, humidity, sound, power, or whatever other physical property being monitored, the ability to effectively use what is readily available in the way of sensors, as well as intelligent interpretation and processing of measured data, is key to producing a reliable and useful environmental monitoring system. mSemicon has been active in this area, with a number of designs already completed or currently in process.