Wireless Products

RF Applications

mSemicon is very active in RF (radio frequency) product development. Whether it be GSM, Bluetooth, general ISM, LORA, or proprietary, mSemicon can develop the product for you.


The GSM network is the one used by mobile phones. It is available almost everywhere. If you have a mobile application, or even a data transfer requirement on a fixed device that you need to install in an off-site location that has a strong enough signal, GSM could be the answer. Talk to mSemicon about incorporating this technology into your product.


Bluetooth is for local communication applications. It allows you to control a custom product from a mobile device. Incorporating Bluetooth into your product may be economical, depending on your application, and through the use of pre-approved Bluetooth modules, they may be relatively easily to place on the market.


The ISM band refers to the part of the RF spectrum reserved for industrial, scientific, medical applications, and is typically where many custom or proprietary solutions operate. It is used for less sophisticated applcations, usually. One is not restricted to existing established protocols, and can therefore optimise the solution for the particular application involved.


If a mesh network, or even a point to point (under 100m) solution is what you need, ZigBee may be the answer. This protocol is low power, and is used in multipoint applications such as domestic water meters, and intended to be lower cost than solutions such as Bluetooth.


Sometimes, when power is very limited, for example in a mobile application where a battery recharge is either impractical or not feasible for several months at a time, another technology is called for. mSemiconā€˜s choice is a new ultra low power technology called LORA from Semtech. This very low power technology is suitable for the transmission of limited amounts of data, over several km, and in addition, allows for triangulation, i.e. the detection of physical location. It is also an economical solution.