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Custom Product Development

  • mSemicon designs, develops and supplies customised engineering products, generally including electronic and mechanical subassemblies.
  • mSemicon specialises in IoT, lighting, motion control, agritech, RF, audio, sensor, medical device, environmental and renewable energy technologies.
  • mSemicon works with the client in clearly specifying the new product, if this is necessary, with suggestions for improvement where feasible.
  • mSemicon also helps to steer the new product through approval and certification, if necessary.


  • mSemicon applies experience from a very broad range of technologies and real world applications to new product design. This cross pollination between sectors can often result in innovative features.
  • In an age of short time-to-market mSemicon prides itself on its focus on delivering on time.

Subassembly to Full Product

  • Our engineers work seamlessly with our clients on projects ranging from the simplest of battery-powered devices to complex multi-FPGA high performance data processing systems. Whether it is a part of a larger system you need, or an entire product, mSemicon is the one to contact.
  • We welcome the opportunity to analyse new product concepts, and to be involved in new product development.