Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Following continued expansion mSemicon is pleased to be hiring embedded software engineers. We have an immediate opening for a Senior Embedded Software Engineer.

In addition to demonstrating enthusiasm for work in this sector, the ideal candidate will possess the following skillset:



  • C++, C Essentials, MS Visual C, Assembly, Java, Python

Networking protocols:-

  • TCIP, UDP, MAC, HTTP, HTTPS, CoAP, RESTful Systems, IOT(Knowledge),

File Systems:-

  • FAT


  • SSL, TSL, AES able to implement within the device


  • Memory - NOR, NAND, SRAM, DRAM, FLASH, wear levelling, durability testing
  • Basic protocols - I2C, SPI, UART, LIN
  • Knowledge of Graphic TFT drivers (FTDI 800 series), SD, HT, RA devices
  • Should be capable of implementing the following stacks within the device: USB(HID, Mass Storage, CDC etc), CAN, Dallas One wire, SD card (SPI)

Version control:-

  • GIT, SVN, CRUM, ClearCase


  • Experience in some or all of the following: Windows, WINCE, Linux (Android) running and writing drivers, shells. Expertise in Linux particularly desirable.


  • FreeRTOS, ChibiOS, OpenWrt

Microcontroller Architecture:-

  • 8, 16, 32 bit devices
  • ST, Microchip, Atmel, ARM
  • Fundamentals: Timers, ADC, DAC, DMA, Watchdog, etc.

FPGA DSP Knowledge:-

  • Not essential but desirable


  • Ability to understand circuit diagrams, state diagrams, ...
  • Use of oscilloscope, multimeter and soldering iron -->


  • €55,000 (commensurate with experience, expected to be 10+ years or equivalent)


  • L12, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co Dublin, Ireland



As mSemicon projects tend to cover a range of industrial applications, opportunities exist for varied work.

At the moment, these include: Internet of Things - especially Sigfox based systems, Energy, Domestic Appliance, Medical Devices, Industrial Controls, Security, Agritech and Lighting.

Posted: 03/03/2017