Development Projects


mSemicon has developed a number of custom high specification audio devices for OEM applications.

Message Minder

The product shown on the right is a message minder, i.e. a device onto which a message can be left, for replay any time somebody walks by, or whenever it is moved (e.g. as it would be if it were attached to a door).

The product also features an on-board bright LED, which also activates in parallel with the audio stream.

It operates on batteries, or on an external power supply.

The application for this product is intended to be healtch care (as a reminder to wash hands, for example), or in retail (where short term special offers could be verbally broadcast to shop patrons nearby).

Digital Audiometer

This is an electronic device for use with a PC based application, which together form a high performance digital audiometer solution.

Sample characteristics are:

  • Multi-headphone output
  • Dual microphone input
  • USB control
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of over 124dB
  • Sound distortion of 0.1% at dB of 90dB SPL
  • 24 bit
  • Design based on audio DSP

All audio devices are custom and therefore not available directly for sale.

Please contact mSemicon for further information, or to discuss your own requirements.