Development Projects


mSemicon has developed a number of panel controllers. Most of these are for heating systems, with the more recent models being internet connected. They feature wifi connectivity based on the ESP32 for connection to the internet as well as LoRa and RS-485 capabilities for local devices.

Some of the panel solutions are based on the STM32 series microcontroller while others are based on single board computers (Windows or Linux). The touchscreens are resistive (lower cost) or capacitive (as on mobile phones) and have been from 4.3" to 7".

The shift to touchscreen technology has enabled solutions to be far more flexible and creative. This has lead to a great increase in software complexity.

The function of touch panels include controlling loads, through standard and solid state relays, as well as remote switches connected over the LoRa network. The control panels also contains sensors. The panel acts usually as a hub for a complete system.

Some panels are also part of cloud based systems that include sophisticated backend solutions which mSemicon also provides, as well as custom apps for mobile phones.