Display Interfaces

The last ten years or so have seen great developments in the area of electronic displays, driven largely by advances in mobile phone and LED technologies. What used to be considered a luxury is now mainstream. The volumes are so high now on mobile devices and LEDs that prices have become economical for mainstream products.

This has also made multilingual interfaces possible, where the linguistic differences in the interface are simply stored in on-board memory.

mSemicon specialises in the following display technologies:

Colour LCD displays

mSemicon has developed products with colour backlit displays of up to 5” and 800 x 480 pixels resolution. These are driven mainly by FTDI 800 and 810 chips. These displays can be provided with or without a touch function.

Monochrome LCD displays

Monochrome LCD displays, with or without touch sensitivity and/or backlighting.

This is a two-line, white backlit, alphanumeric display, with 20 characters on each line.

Alphanumeric displays, with or without backlighting, monochrome

A four-line, white backlit, alphanumeric monochrome display, with 20 characters on each line.

General LED displays

This refers to simple displays where LEDs are used as indicators, for example, to indicate that an electronic device is β€œON”.

Software and drivers

Sophisticated displays require on-board firmware in order for them to operate. mSemicon writes this software in house.