The application of power electronics in the area of lighting is not confined to compact flourescent bulbs. LED (light emitting diode) technology has now become very advanced, with ever higher brightness and colour ranges on offer from a multitude of manufacturers, meaning that this technology has now firmly entered the arena of space illumination. For maximum benefit, however, these tyes of LEDs should be operated by power electronic controls, allowing for maximum efficiency and brightness management.

This is a technology that is in constant change, with devices improving their performance at lightning speeds, often being upgraded at well under 12 month intervals.

mSemicon has developed a number of controls for LED lighting. These include very high power array based solutions with the equivalent light output of incandescent bulbs of several hundred watts down to very bright signalling lights for emergency vehicles, as illustrated here.

Lighting Communication Systems

Some more sophisticated lighting applications require communications protocols to be put in place, such as DALI and DMX 512. mSemicon has developed systems like this, and can help you develop yours.

mSemicon would be pleased to discuss your lighting application with you.