Development Projects

Lighting Applications

LED technology

One of the most dynamic sectors in electronic engineering is the LED (light emitting diode) sector. Efficiencies are increasing all the time, meaning that product redevelopment is an on-going process.

Outdoor security light

Outdoor security lights, in which the R7s bulb is typically used, are notoriously very inefficient. Since they are for outdoor use, waste heat is not even recovered inside a dwelling. It is a perfect candidate for LED technology.

The picture above an LED equivalent for this application, developed by mSemicon. Power consumption is about 8W, and the equivalent light output is that of a linear tungsten halogen 100W bulb.

A particular innovative feature of this design is that an internal cooling fan forms part of the drive circuit for the LEDs, obviating the need for a traditional driver circuit. The result is a circuit with no electrolytic capacitor, the component which typically fails first in LED drivers, i.e. a truly very long life design.

LED street lighting

mSemicon has developed LED-based streetlight PCBs.

DALI and other protocols

The lighting industry uses several protocols for enabling automatic and remote operation of lighting installations. mSemicon has developed several products featuring DALI control scheme.