The energy sector covers a very wide wide range of applications. mSemicon has involvement in several areas in this sector.

Through our involvement with HVAC applications, we are engaged in projects that promote the all electric approach to heating, where potentially clean electrical energy from renewable sources can replace fossil based fuels. This involves more than just developing heating controls, but also coordination on a wider scale within the electricity network on how and when to consume available electrical power.

mSemicon has developed an electricity meter for a specific domestic HVAC application.

The company has also developed OCR technology for reading old style rotary dial based meters. Along with IoT technology, this allows intelligent network systems to be deployed more widely.

mSemicon is an active participant in multiple research projects, both national and European, in area of energy, spanning applications as disparate as blockchain trading of electrical energy over the grid, energy storage using advanced battery technologies, grid flexibility implementation, and consumer behaviour.

The company has a background in motor drives and power electronics in general, and is therefore active in the hardware aspects of renewable energy systems.

Photo by Anna Jiménez Calaf on Unsplash