Research & Development

Photograph by Chris Ried on Unsplash

mSemicon is very active in R&D. Often, this includes basic as well as applied R&D as part of feasibility studies, where it is important to establish prior to a full product development cycle whether a basic concept underlying a new product idea really has merit.

R&D studies have also been conducted in collaboration with some of the largest third level institutions in Ireland, where mSemicon's role has included the development of instruments necessary to perform critical measurements. Some of these projects have been funded by SFI and the ESA as well as by others, and have been in the space, agritech, and acoustics sectors.

In addition to supporting university projects with bespoke instrumentation mSemicon has also been active in commissioning R&D work at the Third Level.

mSemicon is currently active in research in the area of distributed ledger systems (blockchain) and machine learning.

In December 2018, the CENTS consortium, of which mSemicon is a member, was successful in securing support under the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund scheme administered by Ireland's Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation. This project, based on small scale energy trading using blockchain technology, has a heavy R&D component.

mSemicon has also been a successful participant in Enterprise Ireland's SBIR scheme. This instrument has provided funding for research into the development of new products, most notably an innovative gully monitor for local flood management.