Embedded Software


Most mSemicon products contain microcontrollers (a type of microprocessor), devices which allow for the use of custom software to make them operate according to the requirements of a specific application. This type of software is called firmware.

mSemicon develops firmware for whatever microcontroller has been selected and prides itself on developing it in very short timeframes.

Graphic User Interfaces (GUI)

mSemicon has developed a number of GUIs for use with some of the products the company has developed. Some of these have been used as system level development tools, but they have also been used in more general settings.

Mobile Phone Apps

Several recent products have required custom apps for phones. mSemicon can specify and develop such apps for these applications.

In general, we develop apps that accompany physical products that we have developed, rather than standalone apps.

Computer Languages

The firm uses C mostly for programming microcontrollers. However, we are quite familiar with, and use, C++, Java, Python, HTTP in the context of Apache, CoAP (M2M), Linux and Windows, as appropriate. RTOS applications (Real time operating systems) are our specialty, including Contiki. Of course, we also develop low level code for wireless communications standards such as RESTful, 802.15.4 (IEEE), LoRa and so on.

Photograph by Markus Spiske on Unsplash