What we do


mSemicon designs, develops and supplies customised engineering products, generally including electronic and mechanical subassemblies.

We specialise in IoT, lighting, motion control, agritech, RF, audio, sensor, medical device, environmental and renewable energy technologies.


We work with the client in clearly specifying the new product, if this is necessary, with suggestions for improvement where feasible.

Our engineers work seamlessly with our clients on projects ranging from the simplest of battery-powered devices to complex multi-FPGA high performance data processing systems.


We apply experience from a very broad range of technologies and real world applications to new product design. This cross pollination between sectors can often result in innovative features.

In an age of short time-to-market mSemicon prides itself on its focus on delivering on time.

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About Us

mSemicon started out in 2001, as an electronics company specialising in motion control and over the years has continually built on that great tradition. We have added many new technologies since then and now offer a very broad range of applications.

Typically we develop and supply custom circuit board solutions that form part of a larger client product (i.e. for an OEM — Original Equipment Manufacturer), but at other times we provide the complete solution, housing and all.

Many of our electronic products, particularly those that contain microcontrollers, run on embedded software that we develop in order to meet the requirements of the application.

mSemicon would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application with you. Take a look at our contact details below and give us a call, or email us with your enquiry.